Stands and pedals

Andy Jessop

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:lol: 60s i inherited a lot of Rogers, Premier, Olympic stuff including a belt driven Rogers Bass drum pedal still got and a very sqeaky metal sprung driven Olympic bass drum pedal gone! that would by todays studio standards would be banned. In the 70s I was still a Premier Olympic Beverly user and abuser and did dabble with Maxwin as a bet. I was a big fan of Pearl Hardware in the 90s but screw thread quality is a big issue on the boom stands , hi hat stand and quick release snare stand and heavey gig usage they stripped dead easy hence gaffer tape holding them up together. 1994 bought my first quality bass drum pedal a TAMA power glide which i still use. This was an all alloy pedal that i modified with titanium split pins on the double chain to secure it to the base and pivot it gave you an interchangable felt rubber or wooden/plastic beater with a great looking system it was a legend in inovation so it said on the pedal and developed from the camco pedal it was lighter faster and a dream to use i can out play double peddle merchants and have done so live when they came up afterwards they had confused looks seeing just a single pedal with me holding it on my lttle finger. 2000 i was introduced to Tama hardware and its light weight and durable stands the new generation. The cobra pedal served me from last year 2010. and snare and hi-hat purchased December road pro gear... its puka and they have listened to drummers.....Keep it Real keep it sweet keep it Tama!