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Any one use em ? , i made a stack using 2 splashes ( one broken , it actualyl sounds greater than i expected ), i use zildjians and cant afford mike portnoys awesome sabian sig. max stax, any one knows of a gud zildjian chinas i cud use. any thing upto 14" , nothing bigger. , cheers folks


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hey dont know if you care but Meinl Cymbals make really sweet stacks in there generation x series. Thomas lang uses em and they sound great.


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are the splashes apart on the stack or sittin ontop of one? i put an 8" splash ontop of a 10" splash and it sounded great, and that was with stagg SH!


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I needed a trashy sounding cymbal, and had no money, and a spare set of Sabian Solars....

13" top hihat and 14" crash, with a piece of plastic i found on the practise room floor between them, sounds ace! Cost effective too!

Back on topic, check out the lower end 14" chinas (ZBT, ZXT, ZHT), they would be good for stacking, then a 12" splash on top would finish it off. It wont matter too much how the china sounds, as long as it has a good attack and a nice trashy sound. Unless the top cymbal is soundwaved (which I doubt) then you will need a thin felt seperating them, to allow the top cymbal to move just enough.


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I took a pearl crashride (cracked) and a really beat up 14 inch crash cymbal and made a good trashy cymbal, but i got a china the next day so i threw that crap away :roll:


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You can't ever go wrong with using a Wuhan 12" chinese with some sort of small splash. Kinda hard to work out, but once you do, it sounds great!