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I owned this yellow set of Staccatos for many years. Ray Ayotte of Ayotte drums helped with the lug design and these lugs were later modifed and used on Ayotte drums. The drums were loud but the only thing I really liked sound wise was the kick. The bearing edges were really not very good but the drums definetly had a unique sound. I sold this kit on Ebay a few years ago. Not pictured are 2 more rack toms.. 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 22 were the sizes.. :) The Staccato drum company is actually back making drums again.. I have the link and I'll post it later.. :)



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Hi I saw this thread in my web hunting and had to join up and reply, The Freq is right the company has started making them again, and they are hoping to make them more affordable to bands, as the prevous kits were a tad expensive. but worth every penny.

I have the privalage to know Pat Townshend, wicked and very talented man. the website link is: frame.htm

Staccato Drums has just sponsered a young band from Norwich called Circus, you can find out where they are playing via their myspace
If your are interested in seeing these drums in action, it's definatly worth checking their gig list out.

In the very near future there will be a new website for the drums, as we have the honor of building it for Pat.

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zen_drummer":3pgm0dzy said:
the bass drum projected all the sound forward and it was REALLY hard to hear when I was playing it... plus... it looks kinda like a big ol fat guys pair of pants.
LMFAO!!!!!! They do!!

That is the funniest shit I've seen on here yet.

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Animal":21ru1o06 said:
Yeah, there's several drum-manufactorers that's been trying those oddly shaped drums.

Along Staccato and Stingray, you also have North Drums that made similar drums (At least toms/floor toms, not the bassdrums, as they where in "regular" shape.




Like Stingray, North were also a "marching bands" drum manufactorer first and foremost.
I'm digging the Zickos.