[Spydr2000] - ddrums


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Scott_Hurford":b8yx4vnv said:
sweet colour and set-up :D:D:D
could u post some specs on the drums plz
Well they are ddrum dominion maple drums... 16x26 kick drum, 8x12 tom, 16x16 floor tom and a tama 5x14 artwood snare.

All cymbals are paiste: 14" pst5 hi-hat top and 14" alpha sound edge bottom, 2- 18" pst5 power crashes, 16" pst5 med crash, 10" pst5 splash, 18" pst5 china and 2002 20" rock ride

I'm using all pearl hardware except ddrum snare stand for my 12" tom. And Pearl eliminator double pedal.

I want to mention I've have owned a couple top of the line kits and now using cheaper drums because they are great quality and really don't sound any different. I paid $450 for my 3pc ddrum shell pack. Not a bad price for 6 ply all maple shells, lacquer finish, and die-cast hoops.