SPD-S - low volume compared to TD-10


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I just recently got an SPD-S.
I've been playing and recording with a TD-10 for 5 years.
Both are connected into a small Mackie mixer.

I'm using exactly the same cables, connecting TD-10 from Direct 1 & SPD-S from the stereo output. I keep the faders on the TD-10 all the way up and the faders on the mixer at 12 o'clock.

To match this output with the SPD-S, I've got all the wave and patch volumes at 127, the master volume full, and the mixer faders higher than 12 o'clock.

This all seems quite high to me.

For those with more experience with SPD-S, is this normal for the output?
Or does this seem awefully high to match the TD-10 sound.



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Every so often the soundguy at a venue will tell me that my signal is quiet - I think it's designed to work at higher volume settings on the smpler itself. That said, it's never actually been a problem. I know other samplers have a hotter signal though.


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That happens to me too when using imported samples. I got mines from the masters of our band's CD. The levels were very low so they could work better at mastering process. Try to re-import your samples at the higher gain level possible.