Spaun Drums


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Who here has heard of and been to the Spaun website? Those are some of the coolest looking drums I have ever seen. I've only heard one of their sets, and it sounded fantastic. What do you all think of Spaun?



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Great Eye-Candy, but I have never even seen one in person, much less played on one of their sets. I have messed around with the Spaun Acrylic Snare they have over at Guitar Center... I seem to like my Pork Pie 13 x 7 better (but that is just my preference).


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at my local store, they unpacked an orange-sparkle kit from the shipping cartons, and it was the best kit I've ever heard right out of the box with no tweaking. The other kits I've heard have sounded really good too.

I'm not a fan of some of the over-the-top motifs they do, visually- but
they are dang nice sounding drums so I can't fault them.
Their NAMM booth was pretty crazy! They had some nice stuff set up there.


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i love spaun and would love to try one of their recording series birch sets....ive heard that keller birch is amazing. i have a maple spaun snare and i love it to death.


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ya ive heard spaun kits and played on one

and i love them

if u wanna hear a spaun kit

listen to behemoth

(best band ever)

but ya

they have great sound and u can customize the shit outta them


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a buddy of mine is endorsed by spaun, the kits are great! a bit on the expensive side but awesome kits none the less. over all great quality


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although they look really good i played one recently and they don't seem to be all they are cracked up to be.


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Spaun drums... I remember finding their gear in LA in '98, and I pursued the hell out of them. When I started touring w/ hit bands, I felt lucky as hell to endorse their drums.

I have a broken glass kit - 18x22" kick, 10, 12, 14 and 16" toms, a 5x14" black satin maple snare and a 7x14" silver sparkle wrapped maple snare.

I feel like a little kid with this kit. F'ing love 'em:


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Great drums man!

I have a maple 6 piece and a hybid 4 piece bop kit. I love them both. However, I now use Ellis Drums and I am VERY happy!


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I own two Spaun kits. I have a 5 piece maple kit and a 7 piece hybrid kit. Both kits sound amazing. I've owned DW and Pearl Masterworks, but Spaun drums are the best sounding drums I've ever played on or heard.......but that's just my ear!