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46&2":115fdvdw said:
i really liked it..what snare do u sounds killer! old are u guys??
My thoughts exactly about the snare, what heads are on that thing also?

I could tell by the myspace its a gretsch kit, but I couldn't make out the snare

btw, keep up the good work, awsome music...


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I really like it!!!!The singer do his job very well and the musicians are really groovy...and the bass player has great sound.Keep on rockin all look great and I love your sound.


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very very cool...
i'd love to hear more music like this coming out. i miss music with soul... it seems like the only emotions able to be expressed through music anymore are lust, greed, and anger/hatred.



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Yeah, I'd like to know all about that snare. It sounds heavenly.

It's cool to see a drummer and bassist that are really connected. Very cool groove. Is that an American Standard Strat your guitarist is playing? I have that exact guitar(not the one in my avatar), same color and all. They sound amazing.

Also, I like the lights on screen behind you. The girls were dancing. Anytime there are girls moving their hips, you know you are doing something right. :twisted: