Sound-proofing advice


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Hi Guys,

A room has recently been built at the back of our place. Most of my drumming willll be done out in this room. The problem is that sound-proofing was not factored in during the building process.

Does anyone have some (relatively) cheap, easy (if possible) and viable solutions to minimse the noise?

PHYSICALLY- The room is about the size of a garage with (shudder) tiles as a floor with a regular wall on one face and windows (with coverings) on the other. I plan to put rugs on the tiles. What about movable carpet screens on wheels?

ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Guys!


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Movers Packing quilts are great noise reducers I use them on the ceiling in my drum room

that tile floor is gonna be a prob (Unless you're recording in there).. then iyt can be a big plus BUT for a practice room.. COVER it up man...

you can further isolate your kit but errecting mini walls (much like stand alone subdividers in small offices)