Sound Dampening


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I need some advice on sound dampening. I hearing a lot of bad resonance from my drums then I would like to. There's a lot of ringing and overtones. There are multiple ways I could fix this such as switching heads, using one of the many taping methods, or purchase one of the many products that are specially made for muffling acoustic drums. But which way is best?

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage, Stock Remo Heads
Sabian XS Cymbals

Also which is best: To muffle the bass drums should i take the front head off completely to throw a pillow in there or cut a hole/holes in the head for mic-ing and put a smaller pillow in?


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I am currently using Evans E-Rings on all tom and snare batter heads (Remo Pinstripes). I also have Evans Mini E-mads on the resonant heads (stock Peavey) of the toms. This setup seems to work real well for what sound I would like to have which is very small toned. I tried the tape method and it didn't work as well as my E-Rings. The Mini E-Mads work pretty well for cutting down overtones on the resonant side, although they do come unstuck from the rim frequently. I would not recommend these for the batter heads.

I picked up an Evans EMAD batter bass drum head yesterday. Installed it without a pillow inside the bass drum because I though the rings that come with it would kill the overtones. It did not. Took it all apart again and put the pillow back inside. The resonant head on the bass drum is stock Peavey and has a ported mic hole. This seems to work real well, and the Evans head definitely has more tone than the "thud" of the stock Peavey batter head which I disliked.


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Hey I have a stage custom also. First, you have to replace those factory heads. I'm still looking for a head I like. I'm gonna try Remo Pinstripes. For the bass, throw an emad head on it and put a pillow in there. Don't go out and buy a huge fluffy pillow. Just throw a used and worn out one in there. I personally use two evans pillows (one against batter, one against reso).