[Soul_Maniac] Tama Rockstar Custom Mahogany Fade


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Wow, that's a great kit( I'm tama lover :) )! Do you have any driver's seat pics? Specs?

PS - welcome to the forums!


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here's kinda crappy one:


Toms: 10", 12", 13", 16", 18"
Snares: 2 X 14"
Bass: 22"


Meinl: 18" powerful crash, 18" medium crash, 18" china, 12" china, 10" splash
Paiste: 14" 502 Hi-hat, 8" Alpha Splash
Zildjian: 20" Ride Edge

Sticks: Pro-mark 5A


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thanks! i think Meinl is pretty good.. you can compare the series i use to Paiste's 502 series...very good price/quality ratio...


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Nice kit!!

Please tell me, what do you think of your Meinl's???? I have been to their website and listened to their audio files but I have yet to get a chance to actually try some out myself.

I use all Paiste's and I love them but I want to know what the Meinl sound is like..