sorry to do it again. this time its a premier


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that looks REALLY good value, especially if you get the snare with it for free so remember to kiss some arse if you get it so you have the best chance of him giving the snare to you!

Quarter Note

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That kit looks old. And he says he is a "Guitarist." :shock:

I wld ask what color the wood is inside the shell. If he says it brown, those shells are Mahogany.


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for 350, thats mine, i waste 350 on cable and car insurance every single month so yeah a vintage premier birch shell kit. thats mine, if i like the way it sounds.


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I had a vintage premier kit from the vintage... the shells were birch. The tom mount and bass drum spurs are not great, but the drums really sounded fantastic. $350 for thet kit is actually pretty fair.

Did ya buy it yet?