Soon to be member of the Saluda Family!!


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Today I made the decision and after talking with Jaime I will soon own a 22" Glory medium heavy crash/ride. I play mostly pop punk/hardcore music and that's why a versiatle crash is necessary. I am really excited to hear his feedback. Soon, i'll be replacing my Zildjian 14" ZHT mastersound hihats for some Mistx medium hats probably.

Has anyone had experience with the Glory series? I was considering Nemesis vs. Glory and I liked the way Glory is warm and open sounding.


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Congrats dude, its a good move. Saluda's are great and Jamie is a really good guy he'll make sure they sound good and if they don't he re work em to your specs too. But give the cymbal a couple of weeks to age into its sound before you get worried, the cymbals are made when you order em and you get the a couple days after they are lathed so the don't have the time to settle like a store bought cymbal already has.

The Nemesis series is most like the Diamond series from what I understand, warm and fairly open. The Glory series is similar but they tend to be drier, so the crash will be a little quicker. The Mist x series is closest to A customs/ AAX nice bright and cutting, but I do have to say my 17 & 18" thin crashes are pretty warm and shimmering.