sonor or premier?


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BelialX27":11srqiyu said:
sonor...deffinitly...all the way!!!!
Why? whats the reasoning behind your answer? Im in the market for a top-end kit and Im also open-minded. But i want to hears all the pro's and con's before making a purchase. I think Sonor look pretty and modern. And they sound good. But Premier also sound good. Im sure both are quality but what makes one better than another "deffinitly" ?[/quote]


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I have a 1973 Sonor snare that will be buried with me when I die.I bought it for $10.00 at a garage sale,everything intact,the lady didnt know about drums......just wanted the sale.It has been my constant through 8 or 9 drum kits.Emperor X on top,ambassador on the bottom.TITS!


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Both are great. But I've had the opportunity to try out some new Premier stuff and loved it!


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My first kit was a Premeire. I like there stuff but I play Sonor now and I am super pleased with it. To each his own.


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Premier for me also! Was my first kit, bought it for like 25 guilders, about 12 dollar then. Complete, a really old one, mid 60's or so. Bought a second, newer premier kit. And awhile ago, traded those two for one huge black doublebass kit. Like that kit very much, and it's also a Premier. I didn't really choose premier, I just somehow always ended up with them, and frankly I kinda like 'em. But I have played sonor too sometimes, and they sound great.

But if I we're you, I'd go for Tama :p