Sonor kits


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Hi I'm new here and I was just wondering what you all think about sonor kits. I know there from germany and everything so that might turn some people off right away. But just on how they sound compared to other brands and there durablity. I was thinking of getting one but I dicied to wait and see what other people have to say. Thank you for helping me.


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Hey bro my freind has a sonor force 3000 kit and it sounds amazing. All maple shells and stuff. But if your getting a kit honestly every brand has there really awsome stuff and there crap. Dont get somthing based on brand just get it on sound. One thing that might help is play all the kits you can. Wether there at the store or at a friends house or whatever. But play them and youll know right when you hit one of those kits which one is the right one. LIke this guy said about guitar. You can play the same exact one but for some reason the second might feel defferent then the first.
But yes Sonor is a fantastic brand as is DW, Tama, PDP, Yamaha, and many many others. Check em all out. Its about feel not so much brand.


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Have yet to play a high end Sonor kit that I didn't like. The Designer adn Delite series are pretty amazing- expensive, but great drums.

Also, their high end birch kits are pretty much the industry standard. Birch has fallen out of favor- seems like everyone is sold on maple- but nothing sounds quite like those Scandanavian birch kits Sonor put out.


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my instructor is endorced by sonor and jis kits sound sweet!!! they are high end kits, but they make me like sonors drums!