Sonor Giant Step Middle Pedal


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These pedals by Sonor are no longer made. Sonor violated a patent when they came out with that pedal, and got shut down rather quickly. :wink:

A friend of mine owns the patent and makes the original OffSet pedal that you are talking about, he's located here in Pennsylvania.

I've used the pedal a few times, and it's pretty cool. It allows for natural seating for the drummer, aleviating stress on the back. You will need to adjust your setup, moving your floor tom a bit, however. The thing is built like a tank, but adjusts surprisingly easily, and can feel as light as a feather. I absolutely recommend it.

Check out more information here:

(You'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read the file)


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guess I missed this post originally, but found it in a search just now.

I got one of the Offset pedals last week, hoping it'll round out my symmetrical setup. Only got to use it for a few minutes so far, but it seems really cool. Out of the box, t's nowhere near as fast as my Axis, and much heavier, but I think once they're dialed in it's going to work just fine.
The biggest appeal is that both pedals feel exactly the same, which is pretty hard to dial in on master/slave setups.

and it costs about a third of what that Sonor pedal went for!