Sonor + Aquarian + Saluda = Happiness


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Well, I finally got to open up my set. I don't mean unwrap. I mean play it like I mean it. I've lived in a campus apartment, so I've been playing with mutes and no cymbals. So, I brought it home from school, and I've been playing it a LOT. I love this set. The tone with these Aquarian heads is great. I have Performance IIs on the toms, a SK II on the kick, and a Hi-Energy head on the snare, and all stock resonant heads. I have Saluda Diamond series cymbals (16" rock crash, 14" rock hats, and a 19" custom hammered crash-ride) and they are pretty loud, but that's a good thing for the kind of music I play. I also just received an Iron Cobra (single) in the mail this week, and it is crazy good. Silent, smooth, and faster than my foot.

Anyway, this makes me very happy that I didn't skimp on my equipment this time around, and it has paid off a lot. I have pics on the camera right now, but I can't find the dang cvord for it, but I'll post pics if I can get them soon.


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haha congradulations man
i cant wait to see

i was lucky in college
i was involved in the music
program and they had a building that
was just basicly practice rooms
that you can rent and use whenever
and so i rented a large one in the
perc section moved my set in and man was i happy
you should check to see if where you go
has a similiar set up maybe theyll let you rent one
who knows?


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I'm actually a music major with a trumpet concentration. We have a lot of practice rooms, but you can;t rent them long term, onyl a few hours at a time, and they aren't big enough for drum sets, as they all have pianos.

Still looking for that dang cord.