Songs W/out Drums


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are there any cd's made specifically w/out drums to play along with?...or are there any computer programs that can take the drums out of a song? :?:


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I bought this Led Zepplin cd without the drum tracks... it sucks really bad !! Carmine Appice personally recommended it at his clinic and me being a Zep fan bought it. The tracks are very weak and sounds like it was recorded on cheap tape player.


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I play to a lot of classical music. You want to get a grip on being creative in odd times? Then play some Stravinsky in your headphones and drum to that.


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RhythmTech has a series of CDs with no-drums, called, "Turn It Up, Lay It Down." ... sku=440747

I haven't heard them, and they seem kind of pricey for what they are, but they exist.

There really aren't any programs that I'm aware of that could remove the drums from a prerecorded track. You could probably get most of the kick and snare out by using a vocal-remover, as most of those work by just removing all the information in the center of the stereo field, which is usually lead vocal, bass guitar, snare, and kick.