Song Ideas for Winter Formal


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I need some song ideas for the winter formal at my school this december.
We are going to play a set of 10 songs twice. About 5mins a song thats about 2 hours of playing time. And a 15mn brake after the first set of songs.

So we need some slow ballad songs and a few fast rock songs. About 4 ballads and 6 rock songs.

I have a few ideas myself so far:
Led Zepplin - Black Dog
John Mayer - Daughters
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

I need some more ideas, we need to learn the songs by december.

thanks for any help you can give me =)


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Here's two "joke" songs that aren't the best but I've gotten a good reaction for:
Stacy's mom - Fountains of Wayne
Scotty doesn't know - Eurotrip

Your lucky that your school has bands play! All my school has is a shitty-ass DJ that plays even shittier rap and techno.


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Soldier Of Fortune-Deep Purple
Smoke On The Water
Rooster-Alice In Chains
Down In A Hole-Alice In Chains
Fine Again-Seether
Xmas Day-Sevendust
Falls Apart-Hurt
Children Of The Damned-Iron Maiden
Run To The Hills-Iron Maiden
In The Air Tonight-Phil Collins

Much, much, much more where that came from.


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If you want response that is positive play what is on the radio. That's what people want to hear. Originals are great but if you are playing an open gig you have to play what they want. Trust me. Peace on ya!