So, what do you when not playing drums????????????


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i was curious to know what you all do for a day job etc (if its not drums!) and general interests and hobbies...

i work as a carpenter/ joiner/ woodwork in all forms. i like it, the money is good and the job is different all the time.
also enjoy a drink at the weekends and the occasional smoke!

i know PJ makes drums and i know rob crisp is a radio DJ.

so what do the rest of you do???


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im 16 so im about to start working in probably a fast food restaurant any time soon, but just usually skate and hang with friends.


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I spend most of my time inhaling smoke and consuming information that I will regurgitate into my art
Today is my last day a work (music store) and then I will head back to Texas where I will exist on my tax refund
I have been searching for other like minded artists on mYSpace and hope to exist doing art
Since I have no posessions or place to live, I hop to try to hook up with a touring band and live on the road


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I run my own transport/removals company, covering the whole of the mainland UK.

Well, it is more like a glorified 'man with a van'.

But having a big Luton box van makes it really easy to move my kit around!



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I am a welder and painter for a rack and containment maker. I also fish, do art work and have even designed my own drum equipment such as chain stands etc. I am currently designing a variety of thrones for the larger man in mind. Big butts and little seating area makes for a large angry man! :shock: I also moderate a drum forum as many here know. My favorite assignment in life is being a dad to 4 budding musicians. My oldest son plays the guitar my oldest daughter the flute, youngest boy plays the drums and youngest girl plays the Tambourine. Now any man can be a father but I have the privilege of being a dad. By the way I got my oldest boy into the greats like Muddy Waters, Hendrix, Eric Johnson etc. He hates some of the crap music out there today. I also have 1 special needs cat and 11 Degus.


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I'm a Technician for a local cable company. When I'm not playing drums I like to take my guitar up my friends and just sit around and play music all night.


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Play guitar, bass, piano, listen to music, go to school, sleep, eat, think about drums/guitar/bass/music, talk about drums/guitar/bass/music, go to shows, work in my studio, record in le studio.

Music is a big part of my life :D

break the prism

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I'm in school, so that takes up some time. In between classes I normally either chill at my apartment and listen to music. I'm an artist, so I'll often paint while I'm at my apartment.
Or I go for walks and smoke hundreds of American Spirits.
I also work out a lot. I need to spend at least 45 minutes at the gym every day.
I spend a hefty amount of time reading and writing, not always for school.
My current job is doing sound for bands at the campus coffeehouse.


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I own a painting business, so that takes up a little time. And I teach guitar and drums. But the biggest time consumer is Firefighter school.
I test various construction materials, ie Dirt compaction, concrete, steel, roofing, decking, I am also a Computer Network Engineer/Network designer, computer gamer, husband, and my favorite job, scaring the hell outa the guys who come to date my teenage daughters (proud GUN owner).

oh yea and I'm addicted to DML


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Spending time with family! Hunting, fishing, shooting some of the MANY weapons I own, cooking, riding my Harley, golfing, going to local band shows and having a cold beer with my best friends. Guess that pretty much covers it. Peace on ya!


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I study English language and culture here at university, and on weekends I work at a coffee place (the dutch starbucks so to speak). I'm in two bands, and at the moment I'm starting a third one. The rest of my time I hang with friends, go to concerts, and watch MTV:p


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I am a welder, primarily in the petroleum industry ie tankfarms and pipelines. I am a father of two, Stephen 4.5 and Victoria 2.5, and a husband. In my spare time I try and come up with ideas for New concept percussion, and I plan drummers' conventions. The biggest time killer right now is moving snow. In case nobody noticed Maine has received record breaking snowfall this year, I have 10 foot snow banks, no lie.


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I am currently building websites. It's the one job that allows me to work wherever I during the sermon this AM backstage at my church gig, lol!

Here's one of my sites- I am still working on it so pardon the occasional glitch.

FYI they are Britney Spears' across-the-street neighbors and I gotta go up there tomorrow. WooHoo!

Oops I did it again :D


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I am a Technician for a Ford dealership. On my time off, I work in my home studio with local musicians. The studio is a work in progress, but i am enjoying learning this end of the business. I also play many other instruments and produce beats for local hiphop artists, but drumming is my true love (don't tell my girlfriend).