So I bought a fusion by accident...


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I finally measured my pearl export tom sizes the other day (planning to buy some Evans EC2s) when I realized the reason why my high tom sounds like crap to me.

It's a 10".

So faced with that, and embarrased at my own idiocy, I want to order a 13" tom so I'll have the regular 12", 13", 16" arrangement. How would I go about doing that? Should I just talk to my drum store, or order from musicians friend, or what?


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i ordered a 10 inch from my local store, (it was yamaha but still), i'd say try your local drum store, ebay, or banjo center


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Clean interval between the toms is even better. 12 13 16 is not good for metal. The small toms sound to close to each other.

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Just some thoughts.......

If you want lower tom sounds then get bigger toms. 14/16/18 is good for a deep sound.

If you already have 10/12/16 then think about adding an 18 for a 12/16/18 set. 1 tom up top and 2 floors. OR keep the 10 up top for a 10/12/16/18 kit.

Good luck with your decision!


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I was planning to get an 18" floor tom to go next to my 16" but I'd still like rack toms... Figure I'll go for a 14" in between the 16" floor and the 12" left rack. I won't be able to buy normal drum head packs, but meh.


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Man I play all kind of music, my export kit had a 12,13,16 but when I moved to masters i got a 10, 12,14,16 and I am here to tell you the 10,12 set up is much better. you have more sound deffenc between the 10 and 12 then a 12 and 13. if I was you I would buy a 14x14 floor tom and roll with it because the 18 floor might be to deep. trust me, my main band is a metal/hard rock band and my 10, 12, 14, 16 setup sound great playing metal.


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I totally agree, 10 and 12 are much better, and if you get a 14" floor tom, there are even intervals bettween toms perfect for big metal rolls. or a 14" rack tom, you could mount 12 and 14 on the bass drum, and clamp the 10 onto a cymbal stand. it depends on how you play, for me i was never great at having to basically reach behind to hit the second floor tom.


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I have a 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" and Two 24"
which sound great and easily tuned. If you want deep get some Evan's Red heads
Good luck with your set and go through your local drum shop but compare prices online and make them compete.That way you can get the best deal and if there's anything wrong with them, then you can go straight through them for the fix.
Get a 14"tom and a 18"floor then you can play anything metal !!!!!!
Alcyon":3fkk6w5g said:
Lower sounds are better :p I play metal.
dude i play metal but i have a 10 n a 12 i bought a fusion aswell its way better for you infact im ordering an 8 inch tom in so then there is a clean interval between my toms n the octobans i will be buying. having good intervals betweens your toms makes your playing alot more melodic rather than just sounding like banging onstage boom boom boom spschhh (intelligent i know but i didnt know how else to describe it) which is the main problem with metal drummers at the moment. you can still make a ten sound nice n powerful just get the right heads n tune low i suppose.......


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you can get a 10 inch drum booming with the right head, tuning and a little work woth your sound guy. im in a cover band that plays some metal and i use a 10 tom and 16 floor sometimes and if you're sound guy knows what he's doing and you take a little extra time to tune really good it sounds great outfront. small drums can boom with the right heads, tuning and sound engineering. def keep the 10 inch.

also as fonkydrummer said- "I think you should first blame your Pearl Export and/or your tuning before blaming the size of the tom"

pearl export is a fairly bottom of the line kit. not that its a super bad kit. its just the wood combinations dont give the warmth and full bodiness as all maple shells. if i recall correctly pearl still uses poplar in their lower line shells. correct me if im wrong though.


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In my oppinion you would be WAY better off getting a 14" floor tom and going 10,12,14, 16, I'm not sure what your physical setup is like but if you want low end a floor tom is always good and the 10" will allow you to cut through the mix plus 14" floor toms are super easy to find. In my experience with exports the 13's are always a pain to keep in tune with the rest of the kit. A set of G2 coateds or ec2's will give you a nice fat sound out of an export and keep the resonance good enough to carry the sound out past 10 feet! Good luck and rock on