Snare Wires


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Here's a review I just wrote for another of my drum haunts online:

So I got a $250 gift certificate to a music store for my birthday. What
to buy....what to buy.....Cool!! Pick up some $160 headphones.....OK
there's $90 left. I spot these horrendously thick wires on the rack-
Yep, they're Puresounds....OK gotta check 'em out.
The wires themselves are basically two coil-spring snare wires kind of
doubled into one another; each strand looks more like a thick cable
rather than a long spring. The wires are 20-strands across, brazed onto
the usual copper Puresound endplates.

One word- AWESOME. This AM I strapped them on to my current weapon of
choice (my old 6.5x13 Dunnett Titanium, Aquarian Studio-X head on top,
Snare side on bottom), thus replacing an older set of 24 strand
"regular" Puresound wires that are about 4 years old. I get them dialed
in and started playing my morning gig at the Organ Pavillion in Balboa
Park (San Diego, CA) doing a blues thing. Immediately I noticed the
drum had a thickness about it that I've not heard before. When I laid
into the drum for backbeats, it seemed limitless in how much it would
give me- that harder I hit, the more that came out in terms of a nice
fat and even sound. Oh, and I was unmiced for that one. ( one
hired a soundman, LOL)

Fast forward to tonight- I played in a casino out in the native
American reservations in a medium sized room. One overhead mic, one in
the kick. From where I was sitting, the snares really gave the drum a
fatter-than-usual sound and lower dynamics were really brought out.
Buzz rolls are so clear it's scary. The drum has a new facet to it's
tone that I have not ever experienced, and I KNOW this drum. It's very

The sound of the wires is akin to putting a 42-strand set on the drum
but in half the space. The bottom head is not muted by what would be a
5-inch wide plate of metal and the wires to fill it. Rather, the
Twisted Puresounds take up about a 2.5 in swath, allowing the bottom
head it's resonance and still giving you the extra metal within the

All in all, if you can find these, I cannot recommend them highly
enough. They list for a whopping $59.95 but I got mine for $39.95 at
Sam Ash.