Snare tuning


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hey fellow drummers, i know that the resonant pitch of a drum can be tuned to a specific note. i was just wondering what pitches would be the best sounding in general? (regardless of the head)


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If you are equivalent most drummers, tuning is something that has never uprise naturally for you. This may be due to the fact that many drummers are ego taught (with soft or no titular training), or due to the fact that drumtuning has so umteen options (depending on the music of penalization you recreate). Whatever the circumstance may be, it has become obvious that most drummers somebody soft or no strain how to air their drums for optimum results.
We've all heard slight tips and tricks from abstraction to dimension, but there are usually some useful info missed that can work the total appendage quite thwarting. You bonk the fact, but there are key elements nonexistent that can head all the conflict. It is these distinguished elements that you present larn in the thorough DrumTuning System.

Andy Jessop

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Generally in Rock music there is nothing dictating you what note you tune your top playing head to.
If you play in an orchestra you tune to C....or D
A rule of Note is the bottom head to the snare should be tighter than the top one. To the user this then gives you playability and feel and not just hitting a hard unresponsive surface. Light and shade guys is key its not about breaking your arms on a head that been tuned so tight the threads have stripped which is what happens when a rock drummer tunes it beyond the screw thread hoping for the utopian perfect sounding snare.This is only achieved if required by a cast iron hoop on a brass Ludwig snare and not tuned by a gorilla. I use four snare drums a Premier Genista 14" birch shell that sounds rich, tight and sweat and great for resting cups of tea on (only kidding). To get a sharp crisp sound use a coated head for top and the thinner the better on the bottom. My loudest snare is my 14" chrome Ludwig 1978 that would cut through any music. It makes bass guitarists pee if hit on the rim too hard...something to do with the pressure on the inner middle ear!
my third snare is a 14" black Panther Mahogany finish snare very deep and rich and crisp. My last snare is a snare i picked up with a vintage Kit i bought its an Arbor Deep chrome 14" great for Rock responsive it has pearl copied fittings and made in there ya go word is experiment and try to be different don't follow the pack yes use tuning to a certain extent but also use your ears they are your biggest critic and if your sound is good and the pitch is good you play with confidence. Remember always tweak it every single gig before your band go on stage.It takes a couple of minutes and it makes the performance...