Snare Sound


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mess with the tuning on both sides of ur snare until to find sumthing that sounds similar or sumthing u like...
it took me like a year to find the sound i liked...
my favorite drummer is matt griener from august burns red...and i checkd into his snare size because i like the way it sounded and bought a snare that was the same size and tuned it the way i liked it
ur snare personalized ur taste and what u like...


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You have to understand that the sound of the Rev's snare that you're hearing is not the actual sound of his snare. You're hearing the final result of how it was recorded, processed and whatever speakers, system and EQ settings you're listening to the music with. The easiest way to make sense of to record your drums and listen to the playback. What you hear with your ear in person from behind the set, is rarely what you'll actually hear on the playback or out in front of the set. The room the drum is played/recorded in also plays the biggest part in the "sound" of a drum. You could have the exact same snare drum as the Rev, tuned the same way with the exact same tension and head setup, and it more than likely will still not sound like the Rev's snare drum sounds. Next time you're at a show....try and hear the drummer from behind his set. You'll be suprised at the difference between that sound and how it sounds out in front of the set.