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Since not everyone visits the Classifieds section often, I decided to post this here. Don't delete either of them please.

I need to gain more experience in drum building. I need to get some people to try my drums, too! If anyone would like me to build a cheap snare for them, just ask. Available in diameters 8''-15''
You're looking at prices between $100 and $300. Email me at or PM me here for an estimate quote. I'll give you an exact if you are serious about buying.
Finish available in solid colors only for now, high gloss is the best option, but I can do other wise.
Using all parts on , check out their site and tell me what parts you want me to use. Normally I'd use Ego, but that's more expensive. I want to build some nice, simple cheap snares. Anyone want a snare?

Please visit my other topic for questions.
Not open for further replies.