snare problems


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So I've been playing drums for about 13 years yet I'm not the greatest at tuning and such. I have a PDP LX series kit which I love and I'm using the factory PDP LX series snare. I replaced the top head with a Remo Controlled Sound head and I replaced the bottom with a Remo Ambasador (too lazy to go to the other room to make sure). Anyways, I replaced the heads and I still get a little buzzing and some high over tones and extra waste. It go away if I dampen it which is fine with me. The snare strainer is also the factory one, could that be the reason for the buzzing sound?

And also ever since I put the new heads on the snare just doesnt sound right. It sounds like its too lose, that's the best I can describe it. Almost like the snare strainer is touching the bottom head too much or not enough. I never had that problem before I replaced the heads...any suggesitions/advice??

Yeah I knows, its quite sad I'm a "newbie" when it comes to tuning and I've been playing this long...thanks for any help anyone cna give.


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here is an artical written in a uk drum mag called rhythm and it explains one way to tune your the snare. here goes.

(Bottom head) take off the snare wires and batter head. put the reso head on the drum. and finger tighten all your lugs. you will notice that there are wrinkles between the two lugs where the snare bed is. take two drum keys and put on the lugs either side of the snare bed and tighten slowly to remove the wrinkles. do the same for the other snare bed. dont touch the other lugs.

now take the other lugs and turn each one up by a quarter turn until they are really tight and produce a tinny poppy sound. use a soft mallet beater to test. make sure all the lugs have the same pitch it will usually be quite high being the snare drum. (remember when tighening up the reso snare lugs to leave the 2 lugs either side of the snare bed this is important.)

now the batter head. seat the head, to do this place the head on the drum and finger tighten each lug. press down the on the center of the drum head and you will see the wrinkles (might be harder to see if its a coated head which is about 99% of the time make sure there is plenty of light) tighten each lug a tiny bit with the drum key until all of the wrinkles have been removed.

now the head is seated take two keys and put on opposite lugs and turn up half turns go round the snare 3 times. Once done keep check the sound is even across the drum. from then on check you have the right tone and pitch you want. you can tweak in small amounts

( the resonating side should be much tighter than the batter.)
(the lugs on resonating head that werent tightened leave them on wooden snare and if a metal snare you may want to take them up a quarter turn.)

now the snare is tuned to what you want time to reattach the snare wires. to iliminate buzz loosen your snare scre adjuster to the lowest level. make sure your snares are even the whole way across the head. keep the snare level "ON" hit the drum and it will be really rattily. turn the screw adjuster a quarter turn each time till you get the best sound you want. dont just crank up the snares so they really tight they'll more than likely choke your snare. a quick test is to take the snare lever "off" and turn it back on slowly if the snares hit the bottom head before the lever is at the full "ON" position then it is too tight and you should loosen.

i think thats everything if ive missed something out add it to a comment below. ill try and upload the audio so you can hear what Martin Ranscombe has to say himself.