snare plys &such


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planning on getting a snare from timekeep fairly soon, and i had some questions about plys.

i know i want maple, and i was going to just get 10ply.

but the snare now i have is 10ply, and even with an emperor x as my head there's still more ring then i care for.

i've tried severallll different tunings, but still can't really get the sound i want.

would a solution to this be getting a snare with, say, a 20ply shell? i don't really want to do the whole vent thing, i think they look tacky.

i don't know a lot about snares as i've always just used what i had, so any help is appreciated!

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a 20 ply will deaden it up a bit,
but give it more crack...

so yeah it should fix your problem and
get you what you want
i want a 20 or 30 ply snare when i get the cash


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thanks for the advice! a lot of people have said that it's too hard to get the drum to open up when you get thicker but i hit really hard. so i'm sure i'll be okay.

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it pretty much just kills overtone and ring,
and is just crack...
so for a conventional everyday snare might not be the best choice
but it's nice to have


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You might want to try a 15 ply. I've built a couple of those and they sound pretty good.

When you go 20 ply or more the price pretty much doubles because to build a 20 ply, they take two 10 ply shells and glue one inside of the's very labor intensive and expensive.

A 6x14 15 ply shell runs about $60

A 6x14 20 ply shells runs about $180

The only thing is that 15 ply shells only come in 14" dia so a 13" would be the $180.


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well you'd be building it, so if you think a 15ply would sound good then i'll trust you on that.

did you get my PM the other day?