Snare mic


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I use a Shure Beta 56. Great sound. But remember, there is no such thing as "the best". It's all subjective. And I'll keep preaching that.


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I don't know the exact model for the AKG but it comes in a DrumKit pack along with the great D112 for the kick drum - I think it's C418PP or something like that. I think it a great microphone.

However if I had the money to buy only one mic I'd go with SM57 because it's very versatile.


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we had a 'tech-day' a few weeks ago, trying to find something to beat the SM57, but to our dismay we couldn't seem to find anything that worked better (for this particular snare anyway)

I hope to keep experimenting, but we were really suprised that many of the higher-priced mics just didn't really sound any better than the SM57. We tried Sennheisers, Neumanns, AKGs, ATs- but the cheapo still stood out as the tastiest.

Next we've got to do a tom mic shootout.

(for bass, we settled on the Shure Beta 52 over the AKG D112)


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The 57 is the "right" mic for snare. The Audix i5 is great too. Would everyone please stop using the AKG D112 for kick! It is an obsolete mic. Compared to a Shure 91 or an Audix D6, you might as well just use a radio shack vocal mic if you're going to use a D112. Sorry, pet peeve.


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SM 57 just can't be beat. I've been in a lot of professional recording studios and EVERYONE uses an SM 57.