Snare Heads??


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It depends on the music you play. The most versatile snare side heads will be 3mil thin, like Evans Hazy 300, Remo Ambassador snare or Attack snare side medium.


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REMO - Controlled sound (for focused sound)
REMO - Emperor X (The thinkest remo head, best for that hard rock feel)
REMO - Powerstroke 3 ( for a clean focused sound, it stops alot of the overtone u get from hitting the snare)


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From your name I take it that youre a metal drummer so I'm gonna actually say aquarians Jack Dejonete (SP?) I have been using one of those for my rock recording and it's super dry and gives great tone. I'm using it on a 13"x 5.5" staved zebrawood so it's a pretty dry drum as it is but as far as durability the head has been pretty tough as well. I'm a die hard Evans man so the fact that I'm recomending it should say alot for it LOL!


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This may sound suprising, but Remo Fiberskyn FA Batter. That is a great drumhead and it makes any snare sound awesome. Its very versitle and EXTREAMLY durable. I've had a diplomat version (remo's thinnest head 7mm) And it has lasted for over 6 months. I dont play that lite either. I play funk/fusion mostly, i do hit moderatly hard, but even evans g1 heads have shown worn well within 1 month.