Snare drum for sale.


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I have put my Pacific by DW SXE Exotic Kurillian birch/maple snare drum on ebay

100% Solid-Maple Shell with Charcoal Fade Lacquer over Exotic Kurillian Birch / Chrome Hardware (5x14")

Pacific SXE Series Snare Drum Specs

* Solid-maple shell
* Pro-Style Throw-off
* True-Pitch® Tuning

music123 sell this for $329.99, I listed it for 279.95, but for anybody on drum chat make me an offer, let me know, thanks.

here is my ebay link, but can go around ebay if needed.



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Why are you selling it?
Trying to raise money so I can get my add-on 8" tom and 16" tom, thanks
so ur gonna play a kit thats all toms, a bass, and no snare? :shock:
Of course not lol, no I got three other snares, so I am all good, this is the nicest and most valuable so I figured I would sell this to help get the money for my add-on toms.