Snare buzzzzzz.......


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How do you deal with the snare buzzing when you hit another drum? Do you work to get rid of it or just leave it as it is?


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In my opinion it's just worthless to try to get rid of the snare buzz. I leave it as it is because when I play with a band I don't hear the buzz at all:)


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I try to minimize the buzz as much as possible. When I'm playing with the band i dont hear it either, but when it comes to drum solos, that buzz gets annoying...

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wow... finaly.. it only took me like 20 trys to try and reply to this post.. lol


depending on the acustics of the room you are in the snare might resonate more...

but if your snare is buzing alot... thsi is because of the tuning that means that your toms are tuned to close to the snares tunning. I always try to have my sanre tuned higher them my first tom, that way I don't have anyproblems. and after I got a drum dial it got evem better........ here on the drum tuning bible the is a section on snare buzing it explaing why thsi happens and what you can do to fix it.

I have a metal snare and I use a emp X or a flamII (snareside) as my batter heads.. and Amb snare or diplomat snareside as my reso read


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If your snare is buzzing when you hit another drum, that means they're tuned to close together. Adjust the tuning on both drum away from each other (one tighter, one looser) and it should fix it.

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drum_r 4 eternal life":2a1yy3dh said:
man about the buzzing......i try to get ma snare as tight as possible so i cant hear dat buzzz...i like ma snare as clean and snappy as possible
On the other end of the spectrum, I take the tension of my snares gives a fat bottom characteristic to the snare that I like, as well as eliminating about 90% of the buzz that the guitars generate.

This technique isn't so great for people who like a really poppy, tight sound to their snare...



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This happen a lot for before mentioned (to close tunning) and the head. I don' like to put any external muffing in my head so I always take the one that have it internal, those that doesn't have will have that buzz unless you play a lot with the tune. Evan's Reverse Power dot have help me with that problem a lot.


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Blitzer135":1p2q0n6z said:
just ignore it, when you play with a band or with the rest of the kit it goes
No! Don't ignore it. Tune properly and fix the problem.


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You guys are talking like there's a way to completely get rid of sympathetic hum. Unless you sacrifice sound quality, you're always going to have some...especially on stage. It doesn't matter. It doesn't come through the FOH mix and is seldom heard on recordings.

That said, there are things you can do to help. Change the tuning of whatever drum causes the snare the buzz, detune the four tension rods directly to the sides of the snare by 1/2 turn (tuning the rest up to compensate), put a small piece of tape width-wise on the head right under the ends of the snare, or choke the hell out of the drum by tightening the snares too tight.

Personally, I don't really give a damn. My drums are tuned where I want them, my snare is loose enough to give a full bodied attack, and not even professional engineers have complained. The only thing I do is detune those four tension rods. Snare drums are supposed to buzz.


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i would just tighten your snare strand as much as possible ..and maybe making the snare dampener as tight as possible too would help :|

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There are so many ways to help that buz, but to completely get rid of it you'll have to sacrafice something's not worth it to the point of having a real choked up snare in my opinion..I believe that tuning and the drum head is your best chance..I have my strainer kinda loose so the buz is around but real light overall...When I tighten the strainer to tight it will be silent for all but one drum and then it's real loud and the snare drum is choked up..Yuk !!! You can also trigger it and have the snares off, but that's kinda weird unless you have all the goodies like the PA and Monitors and it's also kinda unnatural feeling..I've done that before and the drum sounds like a tight tom even tho you can here the trigger..!!


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you know what? snare buzz is just one of the sound characteristics of a drum kit. who decided that a snare is not supposed to buzz when you hit a tom? its adds a certain depth and airiness to sound. people that tighten their snares to eliminate buzz are only compromising the sound of their snare, the LAST thing that any real drummer should want to do. let your snare breathe... besides when youre playing your kit together you really dont hear the buss all that much anyways. but you can try out the equalizer snares from puresound, they work well without having to choke your snare to death.


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Shalaq":1wdjleks said:
How do you deal with the snare buzzing when you hit another drum? Do you work to get rid of it or just leave it as it is?
Drums do that... :|
It's the nature of the beast...
If it is horrendous, the snare side head (or other drums) usually could be tuned to a "note" that is causing the buzz...
Hence...The culprit can be tuned to a slightly different pitch...
If the snares themselves are not pulling straight across the bed the buzz will be worse...
Or, are worn out and stretched unevenly...
Try this: With the strainer adjusted "half way and off...Loosen each side (the strips and/or cord at the butt & strainer) and slowly and then engage the strainer half way then tighten each side...
This will cause the snares to seat at a more "direct pull"...
I personally de-tune the two tension rods on each side of the snare-bed (On each side...Strainer & butt) a half turn comparative to the others...
Many players do this...Careful with die-cast hoops, they're less giving and can cause rods to vibrate loose and fall out...(I use die-cast on top only, similar to the Stewart Copland snares...Makes sense)
I have talked to others that do just the opposite with the snare-bed rods...Tightening the two rods at each bed respectively...Simon Phillips and Cobham for example...
Also (again)...
Factory snare wire usually kind of sucks...(With the exception of Yamaha, Sonor, DW and high end stuff from other companies)
Try some Puresounds...Pretty cheap and an incredible improvement...Can make an inexpensive snare sound great...
I also "snip off" the two "outside" wires on each side of the snare strands "on purpose"...
In which seems to pull the strands more evenly...
But...I only go through "all this trouble" on my main recording/session "studio rat" snare drums...
Live is live...The "stage" will probably "buzz" or more likely be hollow and "rumble"... :roll:

All the best and good luck...Barrie :wink:


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FiestyRedDrummEr":2wfd6yhr said:
Can't really avoid it. sorry.
tells you how much you know about your set.anyways sometimes would will get a buzz. if you know how to tune your snare, tighten the snares down, and what kind you getis a factr. you can also buy different snare attactments or snares that will stop the buzz and give you a high end pop. try looking at rythem tech they make snares with a plastic attactment and they use nylon snares which sound really good.