Small pic sorry :P


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So yeah

its a Cannon entry level kit that i got 2nd hand about 2 years ago.

Its had a ludwig front put on it.

Its just a standard kit really.

14" snare
Floor Tom
2 Toms
Bass Drum

Cymbals are Zildjian 16" crash, 20" ride, 14" Hats and a 17" Sabian 'Brilliant Rock Crash'.

Got a no name double kick pedal (works brilliantly, better than the low end double pedals and cheaper)

And a no name rack of 5 cowbells

I use any cheap brand of 5A sticks cause i dont tend to break many, but they get chewed up off my hi hats.

Not in a band atm but i play for some rock/metal/blues bands ocasionally.

Thats all :p