Sloppy kick


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I've just been working on some basic tracks and I noticed while I isolated the kick to eq it, there were alot of extra beats in there....
When I hit the kick the beater is bouncing back to the head one & sometimes two times. It sounds sloppy alone, but it's not noticeable in the full mix.
I've tried retuning the heads up and down and also the pedal tension, but I can't find the right combo to stop this. I've never had this problem before.... any suggestions on how to fix it?


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dont plant the beater into the head, let it rebound but not enough that it snaps back to the head. its really all about control. when you practice just work on kick control.


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I agree. Just learn to control the pedal a bit. just find a place to always have your foot after the kick so the pedal makes contact with it and stops the beater. It might take about a day to find a good spot and to train yourself to put your foot in the same spot after the kick.