Sloppy foot


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Got a slight problem with my bass a way,yea its a problem,in another it adds to the effect of the music/some songs i play.
The problem:It likes to get sloppy when trying to keep up with my right hand.
Even at times when i play simple double beats per 4/4 (if that makes sense,im self tought,so not up with everything) it always slips in jst the half beat after its ment to ahve been played.i no all it needs is practice to get it together,but what i want to no,is if you think its a gd or bad thing to have it slightly slack..

i heard on an interview not so long ago,Taylor Hawkins commented on how Dave Grohl had a sloppy bass foot.imo,Grohl is awsome,so if a bloke like that has bass foot like that,it cant all be bad..can it??


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I'd say put a little bit more tension on your pedal springs and work that technique like theres no tomorrow.