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Hello. I have a Slingerland snare that came with the first kit I bought (a second hand manhattan kit). I have had it for about 15 years now and have replaced everything else round about it (you can see my kit here here-she-is-t10151.html as it was a while ago). I have loved playing the drum but it is now starting to get a bit worn and recently a few of the threads partially stripped on the drum and one totally went and so I am down to 9 tension rods on the reso side. When I first got it my drum teacher at the time said it was a brilliant snare and that I should hold on to it but I really have no idea if it really is worth a lot or if it is just an old beginner model and not really worth anything. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them before I decide to either get a new snare or fix this one.

All help is very much appreciated.



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i have the same drum except mine is 5x14 your looks like a 6 or 6.5x 14. its a chrome over brass drum. the throw-offs are annoying because they come loose with medium or heavy play. however i could sell mine as is which is good shape for around 200 bucks, yours if its in good working shape with original parts is probably worth more because the deeper depth is more rare. look on ebay for replacement parts by searching "vintage slingerland snare" or "slingerland chrome over brass"

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I'm sorry to say that drum isn't worth very much. What you have is a inexpensive import model and not a drum made in Niles, IL. which are the more valuable drums. The badge gives it away, it doesn't include the Niles IL. USA line on it and the muffler is a cheap knock-off found on all drums made in China or Taiwan. It might be worth $40. A real U.S. made Slingerland drum is a quality instrument, but unfortunetly this isn't one of them and therefore is not particularly desireable.


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Well, as Ranger said, the badge gives it away. If you like the sound of it, then I say fix it and keep it, youv had it for a very long time and it'd be a shame to just give it away for little moneys