Ska Snare?


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as I ply a lot of ska with my band I was wonderind what type of snare do ska drummers have next to the main snare...i know it is suposed to be really shallow and I definetly need one but the question is...which one should it be? Any ideas anyone? :?:

Johnny Cat

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Typically it's what is called a piccolo snare drum, which is usually 13" in diameter and ranges from 2 to 4" deep, depending on which model you get. The ones that I've seen in ska bands are usually made of bronze or steel, and are played wide open with the snares off. You can get other smaller snare drums that are 10" or 12" in diameter, with varying depths.

Some ska drummers also have another drum beside them called a timbale that is used quite a bit for accents and rolls to spice things up. It was originally used in a lot of Latin American music. These are made by many different manufacturers, the most common probably being Latin Percussion.

There are countless quality manufacturers on the market of piccolos and timbales. Shop around and try everything. Go with what suits your budget the best and most importantly, sounds the best for you. Good luck.


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Hey man, get a nice thin piccolo. It'll give you a nice bright shallow attack. As for heads, I think a Remo Powerstroke would sound nice


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Two other qualities that a Ska snare should have are the ability to make a pronounced cross stick and a cracking rim shot
Die cast hoops are very effective because they have more mass than conventional hoops
This gives the stick a more solid foundation for the stick to make contact with
My playing has evolved to where most of my snare hits are rim shots
In a small to medium sized room, I seldom need the snare mic to be above 1 or 2 in the PA
Those die cast hoops really make your snare project loudly
I do not consider it necessary for the bottom rim to be die cast
I'd do it if I could afford the extra
They cost about $30