ska / ska-punk


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Just got in a new band and the guys asked me to learn some ska/ ska-punk drum beats. can you please help me with this stuff. i have no experience in this style of music and i cannot find anything related on the internet (drum beats i mean).


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The best way to learn is to listen to other bands I guess. Listen to ska and punk seperately, as well as actual ska-punk bands.

For pure ska try the Specials/Madness/Selecter, for ska-punk I reckon the best drumming is in bands like Mad Caddies/Streetlight Manifesto. Give them a go, and just play what seems to fit best in the songs and after a while in the band you'll all grow into it properly :)


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I really like Reel Big Fish. They do some really cool fun things! Oh yeah, great Drummer!


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Less Than Jake are probably the best band you can listen to for ska punk

most ska punk use a lot of straight punk beats. the beauty of ska tho, is that it's a big unwritten rule that when it comes to ska, you can draw influence from any number of genres and it will be excepted

play anything that goes good with the music and don't worry about playing some that sound "ska-punk" play whatever sounds good


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The Specials do some great ska. Also try listening to some reggae, it evolved out of ska and so a lot of the rhythms are borrowed from it.

Stewart Copeland from the Police also leans a bit on ska in his rhythms.