SJC Drums


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does anyone have a SJC drumkit?
do you like them?
other thoughts on them??

(sorry if there is already a post about this, im a noob)


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I worked with a kid that is sponsored by SJC named Johnny Bell
I tease him tht it is the "official boy band punk drums"
He hates it when I call his stuff boy band
sjc makes some nice drums, i must admit, but now that they have all these really big endorsers, i doubt you would want to pay 6k for a four piece. but i don't know, maybe you do.

if you're looking for custom drums go to either a smaller company, or check spaun out, they're AMAZING. superior quality, sound and possibly the coolest guys there are, and they make what you want.

but yeah, sjc is a good custom company, but they're just like every other custom company believe it or not. just that now they're working with drummers in bigger bands, so they make they're drums look nicer and put themselves out there more because of it. i'm sure you heard of sjc because of a big name drummer.

take it easy


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another small company that makes nice drums (from what ive seen and heard) is Po Boy Drums. i dont know if their a custom drum company tho. Then there is Medicine Man Drums, Timekeep builds them if I'm not mistaken. talk to him about prices and whatnot.

PS-I better get a free set for all these endorsements. lol