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Sizzle Ride or not?

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I got my ride from a friend and it already has holes in it for rivets, its a sabian but thats all thats on the cymbal, what are some opinions about sizzle rides


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I have two of Sizzle Rides. One is a old 19 inch Sizzle Ride Zildjian to which I've for years and it's pretty cool sounding for riding or crashing. I definly love the 19 inch Armand Ride Zildjian which I use all the time, and even with three rivets it's crash and substain actually is longer the Sizzle Ride.

My bass player hates em though ;-) Used to have a 21 inch Pang cymbal with Rivets that went on forever when crashed. I've also have seen a 20 inch Earth Ride with Rivets as well.


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I've got a 20 inch Istanbul Agop sizzle ride. Use it as a big crash (has a sustain for like 2 measures of moderately fast playing) and as a second ride for softer textures.


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I love sizzles. They get me a nice bit of background sound when you're doing a solo. And mine sounds quite a bit like a half-open hi-hat, so I can keep that sort of sound going using it as a ride, and get some hi-hat footwork in at the same time.