sites where you can buy individual drums to expand your kit


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hey everyone im new to this, i have a tama rockstar in fusion sizes, it sounds great but my style of play is metal, im wanting to add maybe a 13" rack tom and maybe a 16" floor, i know the rockstar line has been discontinued but i can make do, does anyone know any sites that would sell indivdual drums as opposed to full kits?


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pretty much any drum company will sell an individual drum of the size you want. email tama, pearl, ludwig, precision, apple, orange county, maryland.... you get the idea. or even go to a local music store and ask if they can order you just a single drum. most stores can.


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I add to my discontinued Tama Granstar kit from ebay pretty often.
Might require a rewrap now and then, but you can generally find some pretty good deals.