Single stand for multiple cymbals


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Are there stands that can hold multiple cymbals or maybe an attachment to do that? I think it would be more cost effective to have 2 stands holding 4 cymbals rather than 4 stands? At present, a drum rack isn't practical for me.


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There are stands out there, but can I ask why a rack wouldn't be good for you? You can find stand from Mapex, DW and others that have multiple stands on them as well as attachments.


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I have been consolidating as many items onto a stand as possible lately, and I got two triple-boom cymbal stands from Po Boy drums that made a huge difference. Several other companies make triple-stands, and usually you can fit either a cymbal boom arm or tom holder in their receptacles. Then you've got a lot more configuration choices. There are also clamps you can attach to a single stand that would let you put more cymbals on it. It all tends to add up though; you can probably spend as much on consolidating items as you would on individual stands.

here's a Mapex triple & double: ... ands.shtml

pulse arm/clamp: ... sku=444642

cymbal stacker: ... sku=446506

those are the most common ways of getting more items onto one stand. Many companies make variations of these.


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one caveat I alway bring up:

if you have multiple items on the same stand, you can expect to have sympathetic vibration (when you hit one item, others vibrate/resonate).

ok, carry on.


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Cymbal arms or clamps and arms work great
I got a pearl boom arm and clamp for my Zil-Bel and a DW cymbal stacker for my splash. Works great if you know what you're doing.


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when i was younger and decided that it would be cool to have 6 diff cymbals, i just bought some gibralter cymbal arms and attached them to my cymbal stands. They worked great and even held up my z custom mega bell ride (the heaviest cymbal I have ever seen)