single pedal pros


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mike johnston seems to be really good, and he only uses a single pedal as far as i know. heres a site with a few video lessons and stuff from him.

(credit for finding that site goes to someone else on this forum)

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also, the drummer from Coheed and Cambria is pretty good with single bass. sometimes i swear he's using a double, but he swears by a single pedal.


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Drummers from

Coheed and Cambria
Every Time I Die

The latter two are huge influences on me.

break the prism

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Howepirate":16yf43dz said:
break the prism":16yf43dz said:
steve gadd, dave weckl, billy cobham, john bonham

Weckl, Gadd and Cobham all use double bass
billy cobham used a significant amount of double bass in mahavishnu orchestra, but he is still great with single. steve gadd and dave weckl have used double at times, but only later in their careers and only a few times. steve gadd has been known for quite some time as a great single bass drum player.