Simmons Drums , name bought by guitar center/musiciansfriend


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The simmons name and trademark(yes the old 80's octagonal electronic kits) have been purchased by guitar center/musiciandfriend and they are now producing new electronic kits at a very odd price(personally I think you get what you pay for) the new SIMMONS SD7K kit for $599.......what!............your thoughts?

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I think it's a sad end to a proud name. Even though playing the old kits was like having pads made from ping-pong tables, they were the innovators of electronic percussion. And now they are going to be bargain-basement beginner crap like Groove Percussion, Union, Pulse, and that type.

Very sad, indeed.

dave lynch

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I used to own some of the them that had a little more rubber on the pads..I liked the 1st ones with the harder surface better..These look like a nice practice get-up and that's about it, but I won't know until I check em out..!!