Silverchair anyone??


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I was just wondering how many other people out there love the band Silverchair...

I've always dug everything about their sound and how its prgressed since Frogstomp. If anyone hasn't heard "Diorama" (cause I know it wasn't distributed or advertised very heavily in the states), you should definately check it out. Great album from start to finish.

The band is releasing a new album this winter, or so I've heard. I can't wait.

The below is a live video of a song off "Diorama" entitled "The Lever"...the second vid is a live performance of the single from "Diorama" entitled "The Greatest View"

dig it.


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I'm a big silverchair fan...Daniel Johns is one of my favorite vocalists and the whole band puts on an impressive live show too.

New album = New demand for shows to promote said album!!

Call me Gideon

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I loved Silverchair in their Frogstomp thru Neon Ballroom days. I never really heard anything off of Diorama. Didn't even know about it til I saw it in a used music store (of course I had no money and was just there cause I had given a friend a ride) and the single, off of their upcoming album, that I heard on their Myspace didn't really do much for me.


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that was one of the first bands i ever started listening to aside from weezer. ive really only heard frogstomp and a little of neon ballroom but i hear they're on tour. i think i might go.