SIKK PURPLE Premier Cabria Exclusive Heavy Rock 22"


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This is my new setup, Premier Cabria Exclusive Heavy Rock 22" in a purple stain lacquer.
sounds pretty kewwwwl
im still working on the cymbals and skins so dont bag me about it, thanks.
12" x 9" Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom
16" x 16" Floor Tom
22" x 18" Bass Drum
14" x 5.5" Snare

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My favorite color and my favorite company. Nice setup too.
Keep em forever.
Premiers rule.
Less is more!
If you like premier you should go see my thread on my 70s premiers.


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I have the XPK Version of that kit in atlantic blue... my god its boomy and sounds awesome on recordings.

Nice kit pal


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dedrummervanrolf":3pwcmqzz said:
Beautiful kit! The purple is sweet, and I'm diggin the setup too man, don't worry about the cymbals, XS's are A-OK!
thanks man, yeah the cymbals are goin okay for me.
they sound awesome compared to the shitty planet z ones i had before lol.