Signature Sticks


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whos ur fav
whats the sizes
why are they ur faves?

mine are tre cool there like perfict but hes not my favroit, travisbarker again i loe the feel, and i cant remember his name

Could you at least try to make your posts understandable?


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The Buddy Rich sticks are the only one's I've ever tried that I thought were decent, but even then I'd rather use 8A's for jazz.
It all depends, I love Buddy Rich's sticks for jazz (though I think zildjian jazz is better) and Travis Barker is good for a more cadence sound (did I spell that right?!). My all time fav stick though is Carter Beauford's autograph from Pro-Mark.


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I love & exclusively use Dave Weckl's, Vic Firth, Evolution stick with a wood tip. It's 2/1000th's of an inch thinner than a standard 5A & 16" long, nothing exceptional. But it feels good & has a nice orange color to it. :D


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I used Jack DeJohnette for a very long period of time,and they are great...but that stick is more swing-kind and for groove rithams you have to turn it backward,and I don't like that. Now I use Vinnie Colaiuta Zildjian stick (D=0.595 ,L=15 15/16) and Vic Firth 5B (D=0.595,L=16)...For people who are using the Moller tehnique (as myself) I strongly recomand some of those sticks,as well as Dave Weckl evolution model and Vic Firth 55A ...


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mikebodrums":16326gyb said:
the steve gadd sticks are sweet....
I've been wanting to try those. I have the weckl sticks, which are nice, but they're a little too long for my taste.

Does the paint on the gadd's get all over the place? I have a fine red dust on my snare every time I play with the weckl's.


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I sign my Pro-Mark TX707N's when someone asks for one, so I guess they are my signature sticks. :wink:

I don't use signature sticks.


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I personally like playing with the Steve Gadd sticks from Vic Firth. The nylon tips are more durable than most and they are perfect sticks for the music i play


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I steer clear of signature sticks...

They're expensive! I find the signature stick I like, and then find the non-signature version that resembles it for 3.00 per stick less. When you go through a pair of sticks each night, 4 nights a week, for a month you end up saving 48 bucks a month or 576 per year...yea I'm a drummer and can count higher than 4! Anyway, nothing against the quality of signature sticks, just to expensive.


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I'm a big fan of the Pro Mark Carter Beauford 5ABs. The 5B's feel a bit too big sometimes... not always though, while the 5A's feel weak when i hit. It just made sense to go with something in between.


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Taylor Hawkins Signiture sticks they are bloody awesome, nice and hefty with a ball tip for good deffinition on the ride, love them they give so much power!

God i love taylor too much :oops:


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mike mangini zildjian signatures... All of my buddies who try 'em hate em 'cept for me... guess cuz they kinda remind me of marching band sticks and project extremely well... after all, they are birch and about 1lb each xD (exaggeration.)


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thought i might bring this thread back from th dead since there are so many new members of these forums since

i religiously use the promark chris adler 5ax sticks

however i am partial to ahead joey jordison sticks too