Sick of people bashing down terry bozzio


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is any one else gettin fed up with all the lame comment from guitarsits and fools who dont understand the meaning of terry bozzios kit.
it bugs me wen people say " oh hes just doing it for attention " or " why dya need all those toms " but really , its cuz he plays melodys on drums. and like he says " you cant do that on just 2 toms " which is fair enuf , any one else share the same oppinion ?

p.s if this thread has alredy been posted by sum one else feel free to knock me down for spammin


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I saw Terry's clinic and had the honour to speak with him. He is a very gentle human being and a monster on the kit. He was playing orchestral pieces using various ostinato's. He was incredible very musical and extremely talented....He is king in my book....DT41


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Big kits are ridiculous, but Bozzio is one of handful of guys who can justify it. I don't think he takes them to every gig, though, and certainly not the whole rig. That would require three or four drum techs, which would be a money loser for him.

All you have to know about Bozzio is he is so good he has no limits to his playing. Anybody who could be in demand for three decades by artists as diverse as the Brecker Brothers and Korn deserves a lot of slack in the gear he chooses. He's not just some guy with gear acquisition syndrome.


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I've seen him twice with Zappa Plays Zappa and he was great. All Chinas!!! He's uses them melodically, almost like steel drums...totally original!!! For more of a traditional sound/setup see Zappa's Baby Snakes movie.


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I like Bozzio's style. He's really unique, and is willing to do whatever it takes to realize his vision.

Judging other people's kits based on your own preferences is biased and unrealistic. I think every drummer should be allowed the freedom to setup and play they want to do it. Why anyone feels the need to rag on Bozzio's kit is beyond me. It's about the music, not cliche traditions or supposed 'rules.'

My other personality is a bassist, and in that realm you see this same tendency of close-mindedness in the "Jaco only needed 4-strings" diatribe.
Not everybody plays R&B

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he's a great drummer pure and simple. he mastered classical and modern styles and he plays as precise melodically as he does rhythmically.


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Bozzio does what he does and uses all that stuff for a reason. As for the guitarists who bash on him for using all the stuff, I ask them to show up to a gig w/ a guitar, cord, and amplifier, devoid of pedals, rack effects, the "line 6" stuff, etc. Just a strat, cord, amp.

80% can't. They gotta have their volume pedal, wah, reverb unit, etc. Oh, and they need 6 strings. How about 3? Wanna impress me? Play a 3-stringed guitar.

PS how do you save a drowning guitarist?

throw him his amp!!


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Its about time people stopped putting him down....Terry isnt just a time keeper, he's a musician. People dont understand his musicality.


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Bozzio is amazing, he would be just as amazing on a four piece. I saw his clinic last year and they actually had to remove a ceiling tile to accomodate his rack. He plays a big kit, so what he's the guy who has to carry it or rather pay for it to be carried and setup. Some people say my 6 piece is too big others ask me why I don't play a bigger kit, so it's all a matter of preference. And if it were left up to guitar players we'd all be stuck with a kick, snare hi hat set up. My question for guitarists is why bring a full stack to a gig, when they mic the amp and you could've used a small combo?


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haha yeah guitarists.. im not for the big sets but all i have to say about this.. terrys doing something no one else is.. hes got respect and hes better then most out there.. not the best but hes got heart.. thats all that matters.


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his kit is insane. but he does take the big kit to most gigs. and i think it takes him and 3 drum techs(i saw a video on youtube bout him setting it up) bozzio = true musician. end of story.


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Usually guitarists bash him because they can't play as melodically on the guitar as he can on the drums... and/or they're retarded.

Bozzio is the man. If anyone bashes him, bash them in the face.


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Bozzio is the man. His kit, like already stated, is insane. But he's playing melodic stuff. His toms are tuned chromatically, and diatonically. Who else does that? I mean, I don't know of anybody else with the same approach. I'm pretty sure there are some that tune their kits chromatically or diatonically, but probably not to the extent as Bozzio. I've seen him with Zappa, and with various videos online. My favorite is the drum duet with Chad Wackerman. Great stuff. Don't bash the Boz. Recognize the greatness...


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I got a great idea.....Quit crying about the size of a drummers set! They play what they want and that's why its their set and not yours. If you build it to suit your needs and playing style that's all that matters. I love it when people try and bash my set before I get to play for them. After I'm done they wont even speak to me because they just ate thier words and then some. Those who open their mouths are either morons and don't understand whats going on back there or they are just jealous of that large set sitting on the stage. I guess this would be a whole nother topic though. Just play what you like and don't worry about what anyone else thinks! Props to those who play a big set and love it!



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If guitarists bash a huge kit, wouldn't that be like bashing Steve Vai, or anyone besides Angus Young? He does it because he can, and we love it because we know what is possible. I don't listen to a whole lot of Bozzio, but just knowing he exists lets me exhale now and then.


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The same guitar players that are bashing Boz for having a huge kit are the same guitar players that have 50 guitars on racks on stage with them.Are they ever going to play every guitar they have..No!!!Boz's kit is Boz's kit.He can play them all so leave the dude be!!


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I think the guitar players are probably just a little jealous...

Q: How do you get a guitar player to turn down?

A: Put a chart in front of him.


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Gaddabout said:
"That would require three or four drum techs, which would be a money loser for him."

Terry was on the same bill as us (Weckl band...) for a Sabian show at NAMM 2 years ago. He actually set up almost all his own kit!! Yes, lot's of stuff and he spent a couple hours doing it... almost all himself! Yes, he did have a cartage guy/helper there but he did the majority of it. He's a great guy and very very "musical". As we all know, "music for art sake" does not pay the bills. I commend him on making a GREAT business move by joining Korn. He will bring something new and fresh to the band... Terry Bozzio style. Some will like it and others not. But it will expose new people to his great drumming and "jazz fusion" and that can't be bad. It will benefit all of us in the end by having a wider audience. He surely will continue to do his own stuff on the side with Doug Lunn and Alex. You should expect to see him around for a long long time!