Show Us Your Blueprints


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drummerfreek55":uib32k53 said:
Damn, that's a pretty decent kit you've got there..! Having the time, space (sic) and money, I would probably end up with something like that myself.
(And according to my cymbals...; Erm, no! You're not outdone! :wink: )


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HI people, i'm from Ecuador. this is not my dream kit; it's my actual kit with some of the stuff i'm going to get soon. i play a 5 piece fire red Maxtone drumset (good begginer kit; with hydraulic heads and fine tuning sounds pretty decent). with a 16" sabian B8 thin crash, 18" sabian b8 thin crash, 20"sabian b8 ride, 14" hats and an 14" piccolo snare i use as secondary/effects snare. still waiting for 10" and 8" b8 pro splashes and 18" b8 pro chinese. also i'm looking forward to get a double pedal.