Show Us Your Blueprints


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This is what I plan on building.


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i got tht program but cant figure out how to get it going. it wont actually load anything when i start it up


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solitaryshell5":1zv5v3qz said:
thats awesome with portnoys kits. but just to let u know he uses iron cobras not dw pedals

When He played the Purple Monster as a Main he used DW 5000 kickers, but now he uses Iron Cobras Rolling Glides with The Siamese Monster.

And The Purple Monster Setup isn't all right, he doesn't have 5 toms on top of the bassdrums, he has 4, 8", 10", 12", 14". ;)


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And here my setup when my 8" tom arrives, in February :(

but here it is ;)

Their were some cymbals that i have that weren't there so i just put similar cymbals instead...

PDP CX Series Blue Onyx, I know the bassdrum is green ;P But any way it's blue, so, this isn't the colour.


Soon to be mine 8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x12 Floor Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
14x5 snare
10x6 snare PDP 805 Series
22x18 Bassdrum


14" Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Hi-Hat ( not Avalable)
20" Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Ride
20" Zildjian Z Custom China ( not avalable )
18" Sabian ProSonix China ( not Avalable )
12" Sabian AAX Splash ( Avalable )
10" Bell
8" Meinl Soundcaster Custom splash ( Not Avalable )
10" Meinl Classics Medium Hi-Hat ( Not Avalable )
16" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash
16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash
17" Zildjian K Dark Crash Thin Brilliant

That's it ;)


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Drums :
DW Lavender Burst Satin Oil

8x10" TT
9x12" TT
11x14" TT
13x16" TT
18x22" BD
6x13" Edge
5x10" Mapex Maple Black Panther

Cymbals :
14" - Zildjian A Custom Hi-Hats
17" - Zildjian A Custom Crash
6" - Zildjian A Custom Slash
10" - Paiste Signature Series Splash
8" - Paiste Signature Series Splash
21" - Sabian Rod Morganstein Tri-Top Ride
15" - Zildjian A Custom Crash
16" - Wuhan China

Hardware :
All DW

Heads :
Bass Drum Batter - Evans Clear Emad
Toms Batter - Clear or Coated Evans G1 or G2
Toms Res - Evans Clear G1
Snare - Remo Coated Ambassador or Remo CS Coated White Bottom Dot


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My dream kit:


Pearl CZX 'Custom Z' Birdseye Champagne Drums
7" x 14" DW bronze snare
10" x 10" tom
10" x 12" tom
11" x 13" tom
16" x 16" floor tom
16" x 18" floor tom
18" x 22" bass drum
18" x 22" bass drum

Paiste Cymbals
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hats
20" 2002 Novo China
6" Cup Chime over 8" Signature Bell
17" Signature Power Crash
8" Signature Splash over 10" Signature Splash
18" Signature Power Crash
12" Sound Formula Micro Hats (X-hat)
19" Signature Power Crash
20" Signature Heavy China
14" 2002 RUDE Crash/Ride
22" Signature Full Ride
20" RUDE Thin Crash
14" Signature Thin China
26" Sound Creation Earth Gong (not pictured)

Gibraltar hardware and double-bass rack system
Axis X Longboard pedals
Pearl Eliminator hi-hat pedal
Pro-Mark 747 Nylon Tip Japanese Oak sticks
Roland SPD-S sampling pad
ddrum 4 drum brain and triggers (bass drums only)


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grey_fox":3qdf0fih said:
loop woul you be able to re-upload the prgramm for me pleeease! :D

Unfortunately I don't have it on my PC, but I'm sure there is a member that has it and can upload it for us once again :)

PS - I'll try to find it on my own, too!


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does anyone have a link to the blueprint software? I have been using kitbuilder but it doesnt let you choose brands of cymbals and make it look real like these.


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This is my first time posting a picture so I hope it works. Im also new to this board so I wanna extend a hello to all the fellow drummers here. Here is my current and somewhat dream setups. Let me know what you think.



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most of them are built in the program.. are you using kitbuilder from the dw site or are you using the downloaded software offered through links on here?


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my guess is that some folks must be photoshopping in some of the more esoteric items, like the electronics stuff. They really should have included some E-drum stuff in the program!
I photoshopped my custom cymbal brandname onto my files since they weren't in there.

for the floor and other items, up top it says 'select item.'
the first pulldown box gives you the main categories; floor/toms/hardware etc.
then the next two specify details in that category.


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When i go on the DW kitbuilder, its just the regular graphics..

i downloaded somestuff before but i still havent got a clue what i am doing..can any1 help?!?