Show Us Your Blueprints


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Show us your dream kits made with kit builder. You can prepare your blueprint HERE

Here is mine

Tama Starclassic Performer
22x16 bass drum
8x8, 10x10, 12x10, 14x12 toms
14x6.5 Pearl MMX snare
14x3.4 aux snare (Pearl FF brass 14x3.5)

Cymbals form left:

Istanbul Agop Traditional China Pang 22
Paiste Dark Energy splashes 8 and 10
Paiste Traditional Crash 18
Wuhan China 12
Paiste Signature splash 8
Paiste Signature Full Crash 16
Paiste Signature Heavy Hihat 13
Paiste Signature splash 10
Paiste Signature Full Crash 18
Paiste 2000 Power Ride 22
Meinl Byzance 10 hihat(or sth similar) on RH-2000(probably, I'm also thinking about DW 9502
Istanbul Agop Traditional China Pang 20


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thanks for the program loop and now for my up to date dream :)

Pearl MMX
20x16, 10x10, 14x14

the ones I have will do so
Pearl FFS Maple 14x3,5
Sonor Jungle 10x2
but my dream is to have a few more snares to change them depending on the musical situation

cymbals (left to right):
mostly the ones I have will do ;]
Istanbul Agop Traditional Swish 20"
Ist. Ag. Tr. Mini Hi-Hat 12"
Paiste 2002 4" accent on top of a Ist Ag Tr Splash 9"
Paiste Line Signature Full Crash 16"
Agop Tr. China 14"
Paiste 2002 Power Ride 20"
8" closed hi hat
10" remote hi hat
16" Agop Traditional Crash or Alchemy Professional Sweet Crash



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Here is the kit that I dream every night of:

20x18 bd
8x8 10x8 14x14 16x14 toms/floor toms

13" Meinl Amun hh
14" Meinl Classics/Paiste sig china
16" & 17" Paiste Power crashes
18" Meinl Amun china
20" Meinl Raker ride
10" 2nd hh
4" 6" 8" Paiste Accent bells

Iron Cobra pedals and Cowbell with pedal


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Here is my current setup, except that the middle crash is a Paragon 16" and the 18" crash on the right is an AA rock crash.



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How did you guy's and gals, add real cymbal brands and real looking pedals to your blue prints. As far as I could see. they only had sizes to offer, not brands of hardware.