Show pictures of you drumming


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1st one is my favorite show: 7/23/05 @ Starland Ballroom - NJ

Outdoor shows are always fun too:

And CBGB's w/my band - 1/13/05 - NYC


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loop":2p9y9zm4 said:
Animal - wow! You used to have some crazy drum set back in the 80s :)
Haha, yeah!

I used all kinds of s**t, in order to use as many drums as possible! :D
The set on the picture is actually decent, compared to the one I had before. You should have seen my kit prior to this! :lol: :roll: :shock:

It consisted of
8", 10", 12", 12", 13", 14", 14" and 15" toms,
16" and 16" floor toms.
10", 12", 14" and 16" Roto-toms
20" and 20" bass drums.
14" x 5" and 14" x 14" snare's (the latter for marching bands! :lol: )

All kinds of s**t, like Hollywood, Premier, Lefima, Aria, Asba, Star and... whatever made my set huge!

I'll see if I can find a picture of it and post it here on some occation! :D


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pphunk":qq5kd5va said:
I know it's kind of small, but believe me, i know how to use it.
That is so great, using the glockenspiel on your kit! :D

I used to do that myself on occations, while drumming away with hardrock/progrockers Blind Orphans some 17-18 years ago!
I also used the Xylophone, Timpanies and Tubular Bells.

Aah, memories... :)


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That is so great, using the glockenspiel on your kit!

hehe yeah it started out as a joke, we had a glock part in this song and our guitar player was like "ok, now i want you to play it live too" and it was actually pretty easy. Now i incorporate it in my playing a lot. [/quote]

The Alien Drummer

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Here's my live kit (Mapex pro M)

Here's my studio kit (Starclassic)

This is a funny one our guitar player did that shows my practice kit (80's Ludwig rocker in a custom Cadillac White Diamond finish, B/O supraphonic snare)


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Zeegrass at the K.C. Crossroads Music Fest 2006

Making sweet love to my 1964 Slingerland Drumset!

And... My personal Fav. (A 14 yo girl took this)